Mimi Walters is Lying - Check the Facts on Your Taxes

Countdown to Tax Day 2019

Read the disastrous headlines for yourself.

Mimi Walters and Donald Trump’s Tax Bill Scam Left Orange County Out to Dry. Take a look for yourself.

Mimi Walters votes with Donald Trump 99% of the Time in Congress.

Mimi Walters voted for the disastrous Trump tax law and budget that adds $1.9 trillion to the national deficit, raising taxes on middle-class Californians and Orange County homeowners.

Mimi Walters is Donald Trump’s Rubber Stamp in Congress.

It’s clear Mimi Walters stands with Donald Trump over Orange County.

Donald Trump’s Tax Scam Left Orange County Out to Dry.

  • Adds $1.9 trillion to the national debt1 that Republicans plan to pay for with cuts to our Social Security and Medicare.
  • Gives tens of billions in tax giveaways to Big Pharma and oil companies who continue to raise the price of gas and prescription drugs.2
  • Hits Orange County with some of the highest tax increases in the nation, while corporations and wealthy people in other states get a better deal.
  • Despite 77% of homeowners in CA-45 having benefitted from property tax deductions, Walters voted to get rid of $8,200 worth of tax savings.3
1: Congressional Budget Office, “The Budget and Economic Outlook: 2018 to 2028”, 4/9/2018
3: National Association of Realtors, accessed on 02/01/2018
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Katie Porter Will Stand UP for Orange County Families 100% of the Time.

Mimi Walters turned her back on Orange County families when she rubber-stamped Donald Trump’s tax giveaway to special interests. Katie Porter won’t ever be a “Yes” Woman for Donald Trump.

Katie Porter Will Never Put Special Interests Ahead of Orange County.

Orange County families deserve better than a rubber stamp for Donald Trump and the Washington special interests. Katie will roll up her sleeves to improve healthcare, protect women’s reproductive rights, and work for real tax reform that cuts taxes on the middle-class and small businesses.

That’s why she'll:

  • Fight to overturn Donald Trump’s tax law that jeopardizes Medicare and social security and punishes Californians with the least favorable tax treatment in the country.
  • Work to pass real tax reform that makes wealthy corporations pay their fair share and cuts taxes on the middle class and small businesses.
  • Never back down to Washington special interests that try to rig our tax system to avoid paying their fair share.
  • Stand up to leaders in both parties on behalf of Orange County families as a champion for fiscal common sense.

Orange County deserves better than the losing end of Donald Trump’s tax scheme. Together, we can pass real tax reform that helps local families and small businesses succeed.

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